The Company continues to implement new technologies to improve the well productivity rate, the scope of reserves under development, and economic efficiency of projects.Every year the company increases investments in environmental protection measures, creating a modern, high-tech production, working in harmony with nature. The company implemented a targeted gas program

Upstream System

Interactively fashion functional action of production of oil and gas are the central pillar of the Group business. Our upstream operations cover many countries and are mostly concentrated in Kazakhstan, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Our key competitive advantages are: Rich reserve base, Low production cost of conventional barrels, Vast experience in large scale projects, Technological expertise.

Downstream System

Developing downstream segment helps us to decrease dependence from the price volatility and strengthen competitiveness by delivering high added value products.  Delivers a wide range of high-quality oil products, gas processing products and petrochemicals; and manages wholesale and retail sales in various countries.

Delivering The Highest Quality Fabrics

Exploration Growth Projects

With its vast resource base, the Company is especially focused on the development of the new projects to ramp-up exploration. The new projects include both development of new fields and enhancing recovery at mature fields through the use of advanced technologies, increased explore of products, and a higher number of EOR operations.

International Projects

Most of our international exploration activities were concentrated holding 60% as project operator and INPEX CORPORATION holding 40%). 3D seismic surveys were conducted at within the approved exploration program, with a fourth well drilled to completion at the large discovered field, producing a commercial flow of dcrude oil.

Crude Oil Markets

Provides global oil market data and outlooks, covering supply, production, price, infrastructure, and economics. Find crude oil and condensate production data by major stream, production forecasts, trade by quality-type and stream.

Refining & Marketing

Analysis across refined product markets at global, regional and country levels. Covers demand by major products, utilization rates, new refinery projects and potential capacity rationalization, inter-regional trade and outlooks for product prices and refinery margins.

Global Lubricants

Provides robust data and analysis on the global lubricants industry. Find detailed profiles of countries covering more than 80% of global demand and companies that account for over 60% of worldwide lubricant sales.

Europe Regional Integrated Service

Europe integrated view of power, gas, LNG, and renewables from formerly IHS Markit now S&P Global Commodity Insights. Gas Daily provides pricing data, news, market commentary, analysis, and futures prices, so you’re equipped to take advantage of opportunities in the European gas markets.